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Where is the best place to find wedding suppliers locally?

Where is the best place to find wedding suppliers locally?
18 Aug

Well we're here which is a good start! *Laughter* Google is very good because er, it knows where you are It's the all knowing

So, um, so if you typed in say 'wedding venue' then it would give you local ones first Um and I think it's good to look at blogs, particularly the Engage one is specifically local Thanks I paid you to say that! *Laughter* But um, it is good to get local suppliers , not just for the actual wedding day but also for meetings It's good to get to know the people that you're going to have on the day Um particularly for photographers and videographers, because their going to be with you all day

So you want someone that you're going to get along with, that you're going to have fun with and that you're not going to feel "oh there's a camera in my face" you're going to want to relax around I think that's true for lots of suppliers, you know DJs and florists, you're still going to see them on the day It's good to know, to meet them ahead of time that you're going to get on with them and be reassured on the day and not stressing! Yes, definitely I would recommend to all of you listening, make sure you try and meet your suppliers, there's a lot of scams out there on the internet, on Facebookfor wedding cars, that kind of thing Do make sure if you're going to book someone like that, go and see the car first, because I've seen brides before, they've seen a car on Facebook, booked it and then it's not the car that they think when it turns up So do make sure you've met people and seen them and know that they are reputable first

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