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Wedding Planning: The Stress of Being A Bride

Wedding Planning: The Stress of Being A Bride
17 Aug

It's normal to be nervous because of your wedding You want everything to be perfect

"Everything is so perfect! So perfect! Thank you, everything is just perfect!" I understand What I do not understand is why it is necessary to wind myself, focus on how much stress you have, and how things go wrong "My God, my bridesmaid told me that she bought shoes with cream-colored soles" "And I specifically asked them to be the color of ivory!" "How could she do this? My wedding is ruined!" But did you die? "These creamy soles killed her" Seriously, calm down

Sometimes brides can not even explain why they are so tense It seems to me that there is some kind of peer pressure or state standard, when each bride signs a document, who explains that before the wedding day all she will think about is how much she is stressed As if every night before she goes to bed, she listens to one of those audiobooks, where a deep female voice continues to tell her how much she was excited "You are very worried" "Your fiance cares only about his bachelor party

" "You know what happens at bachelor parties, do not you?" "Oh, so much stress!" "You need therapy" "Call your wedding organizer," "and tell her how tuned you are" And here we are again talking about your overwhelming stress "Um, actually I'm not a therapist " "but continue

" Now, do not get me wrong I love what I do And I have a great time! But if next time I do not answer you immediately, please hold the horses

Most likely, I'm talking to another bride, who ate a donut for dinner, and now worries that she will not fit in her dress All I'm trying to say is relax A little nervous – this is normal Do not overdo it Weddings should be fun

I'm Vegas Weddings Planner See you next week!

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