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Tự làm hoa cưới tập 13 – NGÀY CHUNG ĐÔI

Tự làm hoa cưới tập 13 – NGÀY CHUNG ĐÔI
18 Aug

Hello All home, long time to see everyone again Today on the occasion of a friend of Yen wedding Make a wedding bouquet for you It is always convenient to have flowers This wedding is golden because the bride carries a white scroll and red, because of the yellow and orange tones Then the photos will be very hot, soare white and red Or red dress This material has yellow roses The second is the sunflower Third, to fancy the bird used Yen Thien Flowers in the Yen nest will open it Flowers are kept with a net so the flowers do not hatch The fourth is orange carnations leaves do not remember what leaves 1 bunch of mink tail For this bouquet use orange ribbon Use elastic bands, wax tape To the thorn does not pierce the bride, in addition to the jar also Invite the whole house to Yen flowers Remember when you bought it cut the root Avoid spitting pain Yen will bundle between no frame at all You alternate between leaves with flowers You give a slightly higher mink tail to see flowers Because of this there is no foam inside So you keep this body long Because when the flower party is still blooming Can still water with this body, the flowers will bloom more beautiful Yen will go very slowly to show you With this one you are able to bend back, 2 are yourself to nature Looks very nice too You use the elastic band to fix the flowers In this area pull the flower down to create curvature for the bouquet Look bouquet will be more round Right here, Yen for Heaven is here

You will separate this one Yay will split this one After Yen was fixed, now Yen using wax tape to wrap this bouquet of flowers After Yến was bandaged with ice This place nest left to soak the perfume Yen will roll the ribbon to this segment always This is pretty good We trim for a bunch of flowers Cut to be together for beautiful Now, Yen will use orange ribbons One is that you will use the glue Use a glue gun, or use a needle to pin it Jam's gun is lost and not bought yet: D Yen is fixed and then Yen will bow In the bow, the yolk will roll the ribbon How many rounds do you have? Then you fold Cut this corner You shoot the hook together Get back here Use a zipper or elastic cord Yen will use wire You take the inside out Once the nest is completed and sprinkled with honey to sprinkle flower bouquet I finished the bouquet of flowers The meaning of this wedding bouquet is: DAY GENERAL Ingredients: 2 flowers of Thien Dieu Symbolize the bride and groom 9 yellow cotton roses No 9 symbolizes eternal love 5 sunflowers 1 bouquet of orange carnations The leaf has a small minktail leaf and leaves forget the name Orange ribbons, orange ribbons This can be used with a needle Or use a glue gun to attach it This flower bouquet goes with orange tones Suitable for white soa, white long dress, red dress look very prominent Or red soa Wish you success with bouquet on the same day See you all in the next clip

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