Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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18 Aug

Where do I start with wedding planning? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Barns Hotel Q&A Q1

I've just got engaged and I haven't done anything at all yet, where should I start? Rachel? Thanks Becca well I would definitely say with a venue and probably a theme as well there are so many different styles and that you know where do you begin well if you […]

18 Aug

Where is the best place to find wedding suppliers locally?

Well we're here which is a good start! *Laughter* Google is very good because er, it knows where you are It's the all knowing So, um, so if you typed in say 'wedding venue' then it would give you local ones first Um and I think it's good to look […]

15 Aug

Remember the Flower Girl Who Stole Will and Kate’s Wedding? Find Out Where She Is Now!

Prince William and Princess Kate were surrounded by lots of love on their wedding day – especially from the littlest members of their wedding party They almost stole the limelight at the royal couple’s April 2011 wedding with their adorable (and grimacing!) facial expressions – so where are the pint-sized […]