Wednesday, 16 January 2019


18 Aug

Where do I start with wedding planning? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Barns Hotel Q&A Q1

I've just got engaged and I haven't done anything at all yet, where should I start? Rachel? Thanks Becca well I would definitely say with a venue and probably a theme as well there are so many different styles and that you know where do you begin well if you […]

18 Aug

Wedding insurance…should I bother? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Q&A Q2

Wedding insurance, should I bother with it? Sophie? It's difficult one, I think if you're looking at having, you know, nice big extravagant wedding and you know who knows what's going to happen at the end of the day Having insurance, it's always you know having that hand of help […]

16 Aug

Best of Romantic Wedding Dinner Music Playlist | Classical Background Music for Weddings Hi-Fi 2018

Best of Romantic Wedding Dinner Music Playlist | Classical Background Music for Weddings Hi-Fi 2018

15 Aug

Gazebo | Chapel of the Flowers | Garden Weddings in Las Vegas

It was a simple “Hello,” that started the journey to here It may have taken a lifetime to find your “one-and-only,” but you can’t imagine life without them You’ve found beauty – in the simple things they do, and can’t help but smile whenever you think of them You adore […]

15 Aug

Glass Gardens | Chapel of the Flowers | Rustic Weddings in Las Vegas

When you took their hand and said “yes” to forever Your heart skipped a beat, and a vision of your future came into view Since they walked into your life, you’ve looked at the world with new eyes, and have promised to live each moment like it’s the last From […]

15 Aug

Book MORE WEDDINGS from FACEBOOK! | Marketing Tip for Wedding Filmmakers

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson and today is the first episode of something I'm calling Matt's Marketing Tips No idea if there's gonna be an episode two or not, but I like how Matt's Marketing sounds so we're gonna roll with it Today I wanna share with […]

15 Aug

La Capella Chapel | Chapel of the Flowers | Modern Weddings in Las Vegas

It’s the first day of your life together You may have been friends for a while, and decided to take a shot at love with each other All you know is today is going to be the best day ever As you walk towards your future, images will dance in […]

15 Aug

Magnolia Chapel | Chapel of the Flowers | Blush Weddings in Las Vegas

Blushing is a sign of affection From the moment you met, to the first time you said, “I love you” blushing has always been there Like a diamond, your love story is precious and one-of-a-kind It’s the way you laugh at each other’s jokes or the subtle way you kiss […]

15 Aug

Victorian Chapel | Chapel of the Flowers | Vintage Weddings in Las Vegas

True love is something so precious so pure and something so hard to find And you? You found it Millions of people fall in love, but your love is personal It’s a special song, their favorite place, or a single phrase that tickles your heart and brings an overwhelming feeling […]

15 Aug

ROYAL weddings and engagement rings always captivate fans’ attention, and each royal bride, from Meg

As shown with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding, the nation loves a royal engagement, and even more so, the glimpse of an engagement ring   And Meghan, who is now referred to as the Duchess of Sussex, isn't the only royal bride that fans are obsessed with   Duchess […]