Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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18 Aug

Making a Wedding Cake With Baking Tips Behind The Scenes Part 1 Vlog

Today I'm going to share with you another wedding cake, so stay tuned This cake is my favorite cake and it's actually my brides and grooms favorite too, because I sell a lot of this cake It's a orange butter cake, and it's got raspberries and white chocolate buttercream And […]

15 Aug

プロノビアス ウェディングドレス試着♡ | TRYING ON WEDDING DRESSES | Satomi Aiba Vlog

Good morning everyone! Satomi There are two EXCITING schedules today One thing is going to get to know a childhood friend and a brunch When I was little I am very friendly and I live in Nagoya I came over to Tokyo and got LINE I plan to eat brunch […]