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18 Aug

How to Shoot Wedding Rings on Fire – Tutorial

Today in Sweet Potito We will be teaching you how to What's that? Today in Sweet Potito We will be tea argghhh It's hard to speak in English Today in Sweet Potito We will be teaching you how to (mumbles) I'm getting tongue tied I told you to speak in […]

18 Aug

NEW Wedding multi-size ring 4-sizes Inquire for partnership to:

inquire for partnership: optisetting@gmailcom

18 Aug

How To Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme | Wedding Planning Tips

Hi What's up you guys! It's Olivia and today We're going to talk about Figuring out your wedding colour scheme Now this can be really difficult for a lot of people You might like lots of colours and just can't decide on the singular one You might not be able […]

18 Aug

How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

Hi nearly weds I'm Susan Southerland welcome back to the Just Marry wedding planning video series today we're going to talk all about honeymoons! so you've done all the hard work right, you've gotten your wedding planned, and now it's time to plan that very special vacation for you and […]

18 Aug

DIY How to make bicycle with kanzashi flowers, wedding decoration (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #374

Hi Today I will show you how to make bicycle with flowers I made it by request from my viewer Detailed list of all needed items is in the description of this video First, check if a styrofoam ball fit to the bicycle basket Apply glue on the edge of […]

18 Aug

Moving Beyond The Blank Page: Tips to Master Your Personal Wedding Vows

Hey, it's Kristen, Founder of Love Notery Hope you are doing well! I am so excited to pop on today because I need to let you know about something that I just created and I know it's going to help you in your engagement journey I just created this freebie, […]

18 Aug

Where is the best place to find wedding suppliers locally?

Well we're here which is a good start! *Laughter* Google is very good because er, it knows where you are It's the all knowing So, um, so if you typed in say 'wedding venue' then it would give you local ones first Um and I think it's good to look […]

18 Aug

I don’t know anything about flowers at all, will my florist be able to advise me for my wedding?

I don't know anything about flowers at all, will my florist be able to help advise me and help me choose more affordable flowers for my budget? Yes absolutely I think what's really important is there's lots and lots of florists around and, and everybody has a slightly different style […]

18 Aug

WEDDING MAKEUP : 3 Tips to Looking Killer on Wedding Day (2018)

hello and welcome to my channel in today video I am going to show you how to do wedding makeup the video is contained in three different parts and every part should watch carefully to get ultimate step-by-step guide a woman's wedding day is something most dream of and even […]

18 Aug

6 Tips to Getting Bridal Party Photos Done Fast: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

I once had a bridal party with 19 groomsmen 19 groomsmen I am in New Jersey, New York it is a thing to have a lot of friends you want to make sure people think you have a lot of friends You don't have any friends, it's Schmiegel! So big […]