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18 Aug

Tiny Tim’s Wedding Reception Show (August 18th, 1995)

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15 Aug

Tiny & T.I. Planning Big Party To Celebrate 8th Wedding Anniversary— Will They Renew Their Vows?

TI and Tiny Harris will be celebrating eight years of mostly wedded bliss on July 31 They’re planning huge party and we’ve got details on if it will include a vow renewal  TI and Tiny Harris have really proved that the wedding vow to stay together for better or for […]

15 Aug

T.I. Sends Tiny Massive Flowers To Celebrate 8th Wedding Anniversary: ‘Thank You Baby’ – Daily News

After all the drama and stress TI put her through, Tiny took a moment on her anniversary to stop and smell the roses Thankfully, her husband gave her a giant bouquet in celebration    “Thank you baby,” Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43, wrote after uploading a picture of a gargantuan bouquet […]