Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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18 Aug

Where do I start with wedding planning? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Barns Hotel Q&A Q1

I've just got engaged and I haven't done anything at all yet, where should I start? Rachel? Thanks Becca well I would definitely say with a venue and probably a theme as well there are so many different styles and that you know where do you begin well if you […]

15 Aug

When did men start wearing wedding rings?

When Did Men Start Wearing Wedding Rings? Today, the exchange of rings is an accepted part of any wedding It represents every couple’s commitment to each other Symbols of ownership Rings didn’t always represent commitment They used to be symbols of ownership in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt The idea of […]

15 Aug

How to Start Wedding Planning in 3 EASY Steps | Perfect Planning

In today's video, we're going to be talking about where to start with wedding planning Hello everyone! Happy Wedding Wednesday and today we're going to be talking about where to start with your wedding planning You're engaged – now what? It can all feel a little bit overwhelming if you […]