Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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18 Aug

How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

Hi nearly weds I'm Susan Southerland welcome back to the Just Marry wedding planning video series today we're going to talk all about honeymoons! so you've done all the hard work right, you've gotten your wedding planned, and now it's time to plan that very special vacation for you and […]

17 Aug

Day 03- Does it really take a year to plan a wedding?

(upbeat percussion music) – It's day three of the Bridechilla 30 days of wedding, and, wedding? 30 days of wedding? 30 days of wedding planning I'm Aleisha I'm real and I make mistakes all the time (chuckles) I'm the founder and host of the Bridechilla Podcast And hopefully, you have […]

15 Aug

Day 26 – Can I be a Feminist and Still Plan a Wedding?

(relaxed drum music) Hola, it's day 26 of the Bridechilla 30 days of wedding planning By now, you may know my name, Aleisha Maybe this is the first episode you found and I welcome you I'm the founder of Bridechilla and the host of the Bridechilla Podcast I've produced over […]

15 Aug

How to Plan an Affordable Destination Wedding

So, you've decided to plan a destination wedding First things first take a few deep breaths Planning any wedding is a bit stressful and a destination wedding is no different What if I told you that planning a destination wedding can actually be cheaper than planning a hometown traditional wedding? […]

15 Aug

Planning Your Own Wedding – How To Plan Your Wedding in Four Easy Phases

Hi NearlyWeds I'm Susan Southerland president of Just Marry! today we're going to talk about the four phases to planning your wedding By the time this video is over you're going to have a pretty good road map as to how to plan your wedding You will know what order […]

15 Aug

How To Plan a Wedding On a Budget I HeyItsVee_

hey yall this is Veronica so I'm assuming since you're watching this video that you're planning a wedding so congratulations even if you're not planning a wedding and you're just interested in wedding videos that's fine too I'm just going to give you a few tips a few things that […]

15 Aug

How British royals plan a wedding

Like most other wedding in history, all British royal weddings begin with: the engagement But unlike regular weddings, these ones involve an elaborately choreographed event that will be watched by an audience of millions One of the first decisions a couple makes is deciding where to actually do the thing […]