Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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18 Aug

Make Your Own Paper Flowers with Sizzix | Michaels

hi I'm Jen long creative director at Sizzix and I'm here to share our brand new David Tutera collection David Tutera's new collection with us features large scale and medium scale flowers these are perfect for home decor celebrations decor or for big photo backdrops these do take a special […]

15 Aug

Emily Ratajkowski and Her Husband Smelted Their Own Wedding Rings

-Congratulations to you, by the way You just got married like — -Yes -What was it? Six weeks ago? -Six weeks ago, man -Hey, brand-new newlywed [ Cheers and applause ] Well, now, explain this to me here Now, did you know you were gonna get married or — Is […]

15 Aug

Planning Your Own Wedding – How To Plan Your Wedding in Four Easy Phases

Hi NearlyWeds I'm Susan Southerland president of Just Marry! today we're going to talk about the four phases to planning your wedding By the time this video is over you're going to have a pretty good road map as to how to plan your wedding You will know what order […]

15 Aug

Wedding Dress Centerpiece: How to Create Your own Wedding Flower Centrepiece

HI everyone so this week is all about centrepieces Today's tutorial I am going to show you how I made this wedding dress inspired centrepiece The first item you going to need is a champagne glass You will also need to cut out 4 circles from tulle fabric You want […]