Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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18 Aug

Where do I start with wedding planning? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Barns Hotel Q&A Q1

I've just got engaged and I haven't done anything at all yet, where should I start? Rachel? Thanks Becca well I would definitely say with a venue and probably a theme as well there are so many different styles and that you know where do you begin well if you […]

18 Aug

Munnar I Prabhakaran + Mohana I Post Wedding I Crazy Clickz Studio

The jungle is an auspicious lotus

18 Aug

Wedding insurance…should I bother? Engage Weddings Wedding Planning Party Q&A Q2

Wedding insurance, should I bother with it? Sophie? It's difficult one, I think if you're looking at having, you know, nice big extravagant wedding and you know who knows what's going to happen at the end of the day Having insurance, it's always you know having that hand of help […]

18 Aug

I don’t know anything about flowers at all, will my florist be able to advise me for my wedding?

I don't know anything about flowers at all, will my florist be able to help advise me and help me choose more affordable flowers for my budget? Yes absolutely I think what's really important is there's lots and lots of florists around and, and everybody has a slightly different style […]

17 Aug

Jason Mraz I Won’t Give Up Instrumental [Orchestral Cover] Wedding Music

I Will not Give Up (Jason Mraz)

16 Aug

I don’t know anything about wedding flowers, can a florist help me without ripping me off?

Okay, I don't know anything about wedding flowers, Sophie this is for you, will my wedding florist be able to advise me and help me and will she find flowers for my budget or will it be really expensive? Long question, great question! One, one that is very true to […]

15 Aug

How I Tried To Fit Into My Wedding Dress

– [Man] What's wrong? – My dress doesn't fit – [Man] This is very tragic Why doesn't it fit? Are you gonna get it fixed? Okay (techno music) – Here's my nipple – [Man] Are you saying no to the dress? – I'm keeping the dress It was very expensive […]

15 Aug

Day 26 – Can I be a Feminist and Still Plan a Wedding?

(relaxed drum music) Hola, it's day 26 of the Bridechilla 30 days of wedding planning By now, you may know my name, Aleisha Maybe this is the first episode you found and I welcome you I'm the founder of Bridechilla and the host of the Bridechilla Podcast I've produced over […]

15 Aug


(calm music) – Hi It's just good to see you This here is an American Morgan silver dollar Now the funny thing with Morgan silver dollars, I mean it doesn't really make that much of a difference but if you place it in your hand, I can see it just […]

15 Aug

I ALMOST MISSED MY WEDDING! | A Big Mistake (Spanish Subtitles)

I made a huge mistake! Hello boys! In this video I'm going to show you the rings because I've already got one And I'm going to present my bridesmaids Hello boys! I already got the Yongka ring, here I have it I'll show it to you already It's like this […]