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Piping Buttercream Flowers on Cake -The Orchid

Piping Buttercream Flowers on Cake -The Orchid
18 Aug

I'm Lorelie and welcome to my cake tutorials In this video I'm sharing how I make a buttercream orchid Included in this tutorial are two orchids the pink flower is made using a recipe for my top 5 buttercream recipes ebook Get a free copy at wedding cakes for you website when you sign up for my newsletter The purple flower is made using my go-to Italian meringue buttercream The links are under the video for you Before we get started subscribe to wedding cakes for you channel and click the little notification bell So you will get notified with each new video this orchid has 3 long petals with a slightly pointed end You may want to draw out the position of the flower petals first The first petal is at the 12 o'clock position The other two pointed petals are at the 4 and 7 o'clock positions The fourth fifth and sixth petals are rounded and placed at the 10 – and 6 o'clock position The six o'clock one is the throat of the flower, so it will be slightly longer or larger and wider than the rest I I numbered the petals so you can see the sequence I use to pipe them practice first a few times before piping your orchid on to an actual cake a 104 tip is used here start with a puff of icing with your wide end down of Then pipe up the one side ruffling the petals slightly and bring it to a point Starting at the top at the point pipe back down the other side As you bring the piping tip down to the end point release the pressure Repeat that procedure for each pointed petal Next pipe the rounded petals with a more distinct ruffle and make it wider at the top Repeat this for all three petals The throat is piped on a larger puff, but it is essentially the same as the other rounded petals just made a slightly larger Use a skewer or a dowel rod with a pointy end to create the throat Using your skewer or a toothpick place dots of paste food coloring on to the rounded petals and throat To make a mock-up of a center use a 103 or 104 to form a cup on each side pipe a small stamen using yellow Now to pipe your orchid onto a real cake Again you can sketch it out first to give yourself a feeling for the design Using a number 103 pipe the greens as a base for your orchid the bag is striped with yellow for highlights Using a small round tip pipe a few stems for your mock Lily-of-the-valley flower which are made with a round tip as well

I'm going to let the images guide you here and turn up the music Here is a similar design, but with Italian meringue buttercream The flower is still beautiful Although it is not as crisp I prefer the Italian meringue buttercream for its flavor and soft appearance And I'm very happy to give up a little bit of realism or sharpness to use the Italian meringue buttercream The decorators icing is made of shortening confectionery sugar water and a little bit of flavour The thought of eating shortening is so unappealing to me and the cleanup is dreadful I really prefer the imbc So thanks for subscribing to wedding cakes for you stay tuned as I bring you more answers to your cake decorating questions and don't forget to get your free ebook and sign up for Cakes with Lorelie newsletter See you soon

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