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My RODE Reel Maura’s Cottage Flowers

My RODE Reel Maura’s Cottage Flowers
18 Aug

I always say to my children follow your passion what ever it is Flowers and making a difference in people's lives is my passion

During the growing season I'm out of bed at the crack of dawn This is one of my favorite times of the day just the birds, my flowers and me I don't arrange flowers in a traditional formal way I think flowers should dance and look natural I teach flower arranging and my class are often slow to leave as they find working with flowers so therapeutic and distressing When I meet the bride-to-be at my workshop we look through the book of flowers we always have a good chat and together we identify the bouquet for their special day We talk about the scent about colour about their favorite flowers about the colour of their dress and the bridesmaids' dresses then we talk about the groom's colours and his preferences

I want every couple to have a scent that is associated with their wedding so that when it comes to their anniversary the scent will reminder them of that day For me it is a privilege to be asked to provide flowers for a funeral There are very few things that can make a difference to a person who is grieving but a beautiful flower arrangement can provide some balm for the pain I do the arrangements with compassion for person who has passed away and for those who are left behind Flowers are very personal for me we all connect with colour and especially with scent

There are particular scents and the minute we smell them we are back in our grandmother's garden, transported to time when we hadn't a care in the world

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