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Moving Beyond The Blank Page: Tips to Master Your Personal Wedding Vows

Moving Beyond The Blank Page: Tips to Master Your Personal Wedding Vows
18 Aug

Hey, it's Kristen, Founder of Love Notery Hope you are doing well! I am so excited to pop on today because I need to let you know about something that I just created and I know it's going to help you in your engagement journey

I just created this freebie, this free download, called Master Your Wedding Vows It's tips to help you get started and move beyond that blank page that can be so darn intimidating! The way that I devised this ebook is in three parts The first part is all about the mistakes that you should avoid What are the three common wedding vows mistakes that people make and how can you avoid them? The second part is I go into some of my wedding vows writing tips I want to help you put your pen to paper and get beyond looking and staring at that blank page because that can be super intimidating and some of these tips also are about infusing your personal love story into your vows

You know I'm all about making your love story apart of your engagement journey and apart of your wedding day I'm going to help you infuse your love story into your personal wedding vows That's why you're writing them after all! But I do know it can be a challenge thinking about getting those right words and how to say those right words onto the page so that's what I'm going to help you do in section two Then section 3 is all about if not the altar, then where? It's a trend that you say your own personal wedding vows at the altar, which is amazing, but in my case I wasn't able to say my wedding vows at the altar and a lot of other people can't either so I wanted to give you some creative ideas that if you're not able to or you don't want to say your own wedding vows at the altar, there are other places throughout your wedding day where you can convey your personal words of promise to your partner in a hugely significant and sentimental way that showcases all the love you have for each other on the most special day of your life Pick up this free download

I'm posting the link here and I cannot wait to send you this ebook as soon as you sign up! I will see you inside!

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