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Making a Wedding Cake with Tips Behind the Scenes Part 2

Making a Wedding Cake with Tips Behind the Scenes Part 2
18 Aug

Welcome to part two of how to make a wedding cake You're gonna get a ton of tips so stay tuned

So part two is about filling and frosting the cakes, so as I told you in part one it's going to be white chocolate buttercream and Raspberries and I'm going to show you, you're gonna see actually me making the buttercream Now if you want a really detailed tutorial on how to make Italian meringue buttercream I have one and it's really awesome and it's on youtube so I'll put the link for you on beneath the video and also at the end of the video So I hope you enjoy the video and I'll see you in a little bit So I've got my sugar syrup cooking, I've got my butter or softened and waiting over here I've got my six egg whites waiting in the mixer to be beaten and my salt for a little pinch at the end, vanilla for flavoring and I'm going to be adding white chocolate, because this is my white chocolate raspberry supreme cake which is an orange cake, orange butter cake, white chocolate buttercream and raspberries and it's like my one number-one best-selling wedding cake

It's really elegant, it's delicious, it's got a lot of flavor So this is the one that my Brides pick quite often So you can learn all about this on my youtube channel or my website I have all the detailed instructions on how to make Italian meringue buttercream So what I like to do is use some cold packs on the side, chill the bowl down a little bit, or you can just walk away and let it cool down on its own

Takes about at least 10 minutes I'm going to leave those cold packs on the side there So my meringue is definitely ready and then the butter is soft, nice and soft And I'm just gonna add a little bit at a time Now I'm going to go ahead and whip this

So it starts to come together and if it's a little soft, then you can just take your ice packs and massage the bowl and a touch of salt Just a tiny bit of salt You don't have to add the salt sometimes I don't, sometimes I forget actually, it's good without the salt too, but the salt just brings out the little little bit more of the sweetness Tastes like vanilla ice cream, like really intense vanilla ice cream

So I have an 11 ounce classic white chips Ghirardelli chocolate and since this is for a wedding cake, it's not a huge wedding cake, but it's a 12 9 6 I'm gonna put like probably three-quarters in the bag in there Probably about 9 ounces Here's a little tip if you want to ensure that your white chocolate comes out smooth just put a drop a few drops of oil in there and that will help immensely And also once the burner gets hot you can shirt it shut it off, you got the water the hot water underneath you don't want it to get too hot, and just stir it till it's till it melts

I'm gonna add the white chocolate So something to scoop I love this spatula it's a great spatula it's a Le Creuset Generous amount For wedding cakes I usually do two layers and I fill it really generously because I like a lot of filling

This is the bottom, the first layer of filling and then I'm going to put the raspberries And I'm going to put a lot of raspberries Just like that Sometimes I will, in some cases, I will open up the raspberry like this and lay it flat But I want to make this a little higher

And then a ton of buttercream over that So basically your sealing in the raspberries and then the second layer goes on I think I only have enough for the 12 and the 6 right now Messy messy job And this is the part that they keep

And some people don't keep it, but they eat the following year And I've been told by many of the brides that cakes are wonderful even a year later Okay so I'm just going to do that because you don't want to overfill it You want to put a lot of raspberries in but not too close to the edge Because sometimes the juice can leak out, and you definitely don't want that

Butter cream is great because it hardens when you put it in the fridge, holds everything together like glue, and then when you let it sit out for the six hours before the wedding, before they actually eat the cake, the cake becomes the perfect temperature, so it softens up just enough So you're safe putting a pretty thick layer in there of buttercream You wouldn't do this with a like a cream, ike a pastry cream That's a lot softer and it would never hold These cakes are cold so what happens is right away the buttercream starts to set and that's what you want

So I had some extra butter cream from my weekend Father's Day celebration and I didn't have to make another batch, which is nice, and I just added some white chocolate I'm doing a 12 9 6 I think I mentioned that earlier I like to do at least a three inch to four inch difference in in size cake sizes I like the way it looks I don't really like it when you're tall and thin

I like a wedding cake to have enough space in between them to kind of look more balanced To me it doesn't look balanced when it's like a 10 8 6 Having said that I have done cakes that were 14 10 8 6 and they look okay, but I prefer a little more of a difference in sizes, which is why I went with a 9-inch cake so normally I would do a 14 10 6 but this cake, this wedding cake, is for a smaller amount of people, small wedding and actually it serves 75 people So 12 9 6 the 12 and the 9 will serve 75 people Wedding cake size pieces, they're not giant pieces

This cake, this wedding actually is even smaller than that, but they wanted to have some extra cake, so they could take some home Because a lot of times the bride and groom they don't get to really enjoy the cake on the day of the wedding, because they're so busy running around greeting everybody and making sure everybody's happy, and I noticed that about the bride and groom they don't really truly get to relax So that way they can take the cake home and enjoy it later Okay I'm gonna stop there A couple more raspberries left

Okay Another reason why I like to really feel it good is because the layers of themselves are thinnish, they're not super thick cake layers so, this is adds height to the cake And if needed I will put a third layer on here These 9-inch cakes are a bit thinner than I normally would want This is a really good one, this is a moistsuper moist This is ideally how I like all my cakes to look, kind of a pale yellow not orange There Cakes are filled and covered up and put back in the fridge for tomorrow Thanks for watching part two I hope you enjoyed it and I'm linking to part three and part 4 which is finishing the cake and its really a good video it's about the caramel the drip caramel

And it's um it shows you the recipe and how to put the drip on the cake Alright so I hope you enjoy my videos and leave me a comment below and don't forget to subscribe see you soon

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