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Making a Wedding Cake With Baking Tips Behind The Scenes Part 1 Vlog

Making a Wedding Cake With Baking Tips Behind The Scenes Part 1 Vlog
18 Aug

Today I'm going to share with you another wedding cake, so stay tuned This cake is my favorite cake and it's actually my brides and grooms favorite too, because I sell a lot of this cake

It's a orange butter cake, and it's got raspberries and white chocolate buttercream And it Oh this particular one though has caramel on it as well so it's incredible and it's beautiful So I'm not actually going to give you the recipe today but you're going to see me making the cake So the baking part is today, then part 2 will be of the filling and frosting, and then part 3 and 4 I will link too because I already have those on YouTube Alright, so let's get started

I'm making a small wedding cake it's a 12-9-6 and it's for a wedding in Ridgefield Connecticut and she wants a semi-naked cake, with a very sheer caramel drip and fresh flowers So I'm super excited about this cake I think it's gonna be beautiful and I'm making a white chocolate raspberry cake, which is an orange cake So now I'm making the orange cake part and I've got my sugar, I've got my butter and my eggs in there, and I'm just gonna mix that a little bit I already whipped it quite a bit the sugar and the butter gets whipped a lot and then you put the eggs in there and you don't whip it too much at that point

So right now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to add the liquid and the dry First the dry then the liquid and back and forth until I have about three additions and all the ingredients will be in there at that point and then I'm going to mix, and then I'm going to whip up some egg whites and fold that in And then stick it in the oven So I've added my dry my wet ingredients, orange juice and my flour mixture and I'm just going to give it a scrape One last great and then I'm gonna whip it for like a minute

before I put it before I put it aside and do my egg whites So I'm using my big mixer so I can just do it all at once I've got my bowl, my nice clean bowl that I always keep covered and put that on my mixer And then I've got my awesome cake rack my cake tool rack, which we just hung up yesterday, and I'm gonna take my big wire whisk, and put that right on there I just wanted to keep this really simple I didn't want to I didn't even want to deal with bringing my tripod down here so I'm just holding the camera, and I've got my 16 egg whites this is almost live I mean I'm not quite ready to do live video yet because it doesn't really

I think I don't have to get some software or something on my computer so this will have to do for now Go ahead whip those So I'm going to whip those until they're stiff but not dry and I'm going to add that to the cake batter I think it's ready test it looks pretty good One more whip

Here's my two bowls There's the batter and there's the egg whites And I'm gonna fold the egg whites into the batter And then the pan gets pan gets filled, so I'm doing about 6 to 7 cups of batter, Now I normally just pour it in there and go by how high it is, but a lot of people ask me how much batter per pan and all that, and I had to figure it out, because I kept getting that question, and some people like to measure this part So it's about at 6 to 7 cups

(12 inch pan) 3 inches deep I don't like to overfill, I like to have the layers fluff up nicer this way If they're a little bit thinner the batter a little bit thinner, and then the cake bakes up a little bit nicer So you can see I have about a third of the pan filled up I did my other one previously

Yay my cakes are done and they came out really nice They all baked up really really pretty thanks for watching and I'll see you next week,

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