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Chesapeake Bay Maryland Indian Wedding Video

Chesapeake Bay Maryland Indian Wedding Video
18 Aug

ever had to do although mi life so overwhelming to give my daughter away it's satisfying to know that she is marrying one of the nicest and sincere man I have met if I had to choose someone for her to be I would not pick anyone else for her sunny as you've chosen your teammate in life beautiful teammate in life I'm really excited for you when I watched your face as needy walked down the aisle today in her wedding gown I saw your eyes fill up with tears that's a man that shows he's truly in love and I'm so happy that you can experience that look and I see it in Edie's eyes too and she looks at you is not only a celebration of where you are right now but of the road ahead that you will take together I can't believe that today has finally arrived I never dreamed that I would find someone who challenged me to see the wall in the way that you do I didn't believe that I could find a woman who would remind me every single day to dream bigger to work harder to open my heart to the possibility of this beautiful life I love that over the past seven years I have never faced life's challenges without your own conditional love even on the days when I have struggled when the features seem uncertain not ones that I have to walk alone maybe you are the reason that I fight so probably hard to be the best person that can be he give me a reason to make every single day even better than the last we have shown me what it means to live and love to pour my heart out and to wake up every morning with the hope of helping others doctor today I will have the honor and privilege to claim we waited seven years and the moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived I am so excited to see what the future holds for us I love you so much beautiful food thank you how amazing is this day sunny I don't know what you did to luck out but but you did it sir Nidhi is wonderful Nidhi is smart and she's funny and she's driven at work she's regarded for her prowess she is a special individual more than special she's a difference-maker so whether at work were now in life with sunny Nidhi she is the difference honey you know watching you grow up as a baby and watching you become the man that you are today I can't tell you how proud we are your extended family myself your mother your father feed it to the GRE empty and I think I can rightfully speak for the fact that your sister cannot be more proud of you today and your sisters love will always be living in your heart you know when you have found your prints because you not only have a small in your face but also in your heart over the years I've seen this relationship grow and realize that sunny is the right person for Nidhi he goes head over heels to make my sister feel special and loved there is nothing they can do together without having a good time like brand-new I feel like it's crazy there's been 14 years I can honestly say man that I'm glad that I met you and I'm proud to call you a brother and a friend I know I can speak on behalf of all the Palme on all of our friends from our guests all the groomsmen and all the Agusta crowd here we we're looking forward to watching you guys grow when she gets most luck in the future please remember to never ever change I mean the way you guys are as was is how you guys got here today so please don't change I want two of you to know how happy I am for you needy I can honestly just know that you have been found the right person sunny Thank You shun and making my daughter so happy I know you both with rest of your life do a good thing together Brandon I feel like a young John Cusack like him things I told you guys about a year ago now that life is about making memories I told you to choose those moments wisely but choose who you share those moments with even more so nicely right I think you both have done that perfectly they look perfect for each other beautiful love each other smile make each other better that's what marriage is all about take each hand each day and chairs your time together love one another and stand together take time to talk to one another put your love and family first your job and your hobbies so here's to love about her and happily ever after Cheers electro suggestions Sun and knitting and welcome nearly home thanks everybody – coming and help me out get this wedding on Thanksgiving weekend I would like to say thank you Robbie Mitchell inside daddy forgive me the beautiful daughter in our family as my place of spartax I like to say thank you to everyone to come thank you and depart you

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