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Bridechilla 30 Days Of Wedding Planning- Day 01

Bridechilla 30 Days Of Wedding Planning- Day 01
17 Aug

(light music) – It is day one of the Bridechilla 30 Days of Wedding Planning, which is where I am going to share some of the information, knowledge and extra stuff that I have acquired over hosting over 300 episodes of the Bridechilla Podcast It's a wedding planning podcast

It's absolutely free I highly encourage you to go and download it as soon as you finish watching this video But the whole concept of being a Bridechilla came from our own wedding planning when I was marrying my now husband Rich and we just felt that it was all very complicated and unnecessary And we didn't have a bunch of cash We weren't that embedded in the idea of planning a very expensive lavish day

We just wanted to plan a wedding that reflected us and we wanted it to be fun and we wanted it to have great food and really good music, but we didn't even know 100 people We had 50 people at our wedding, and I just became very disillusioned by wedding magazines and some of the messages that were out there So I decided after we got hitched to just sit down one day and turn on the old microphone and say my piece And slowly people started to listen and it became the Bridechilla Podcast It became a thing, which is fantastic

And now, I have this amazing community of Bridechilla friends who are on Facebook and listeners from all over the world and I'm so happy that this ethos is really taking on its own thing because really planning a wedding is all about you having found your other fellow weirdo, someone that puts up with all your shit and you put up with theirs and you have a good time and you have little in-jokes and you enjoy each other's company and sometimes I annoy you but that's fine because that's being in a relationship But you love them and you want to stand up in front of one or 100 or 1,000 people Who knows 1,000 people? And just say why you dig them and then hopefully have some nice food, get on the dance floor and let rip

So that to me is what getting married means It's about a marriage Planning a wedding is about being able to show your feelings for this person and make a commitment in front of the people that you love And that doesn't mean you have to get married with a big wedding It could mean you have four people, two people

You could elope and do it on your own There are no rules, which is really what day one of being a Bridechilla is all about It's about stripping it back and removing this obligation to follow tradition and to feel like you have to do certain things because they've been written about in wedding magazines or you've been given advice by your mother-in-law or friend who's gotten married It's really empowering to step into this situation, to plan something that you're probably investing your own money in or at least as I call them, wedding donors This is parents and friends and in-laws and whoever's contributing to the planning of your day or weekend or month

And really being able to own it and say this is what we want as a couple So throughout the next 30 days, I'm going to just throw information at you Some of it you may love, some of it you may be going this is not relevant to me, Aleisha That's fine, the next day something else will come along Recently, I wrote, get ready, two books, the Bridechilla Field Guide and the Bridechilla Survival Guide

And I'll be sharing tips from the books as well and I highly recommend you check them out They are just bullshit-free, they are gender neutral so these are very good for same-sex couples We're not talking about bride and groom We are really keeping it nice on even plane with everyone And they're fun and colourful and bright

So that's my plug Tomorrow, I'm going to be talking about how you can kick off your wedding planning together Because it's a team sport, wedding planning And so many people write to me and leave voice messages for the podcast saying, 'my partner's not interested, my partner doesn't want to be involved' 'How do I get them interested?' Well, I'm going to give you a little trick, a little tip tomorrow about how you can start wedding planning together very easily, get the other person involved and make sure that there is a harmonious balance in who's doing what

That is day two of the Bridechilla 30 Days of Wedding Planning I'm so happy that you are coming on this journey with me Check back every day to learn more and I hope you'll check out the podcast and also join the Facebook community It's called the 'Bridechilla Community' It is full of optimistic interesting fabulous people who want to help each other out

It is a complete asshole-free zone So if you're an asshole, don't join There's no assholes watching Alright, until tomorrow, check out the website Connect with me and I'll see you tomorrow

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