Award Winning Wedding Planner Shares How To Work With Your Competition

Award Winning Wedding Planner Shares How To Work With Your Competition

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How To Turn Your Event Into A Memorable Event.
Event planners thrive on the social aspect of our industry. While other industries are cutthroat, an event planner’s social nature means we not only enjoy talking with our competitors, we can actually learn from them.

That’s why I love sitting down with other event planners and hosting these video interviews through the EventPlanning BlueprintTV YouTube channel. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jamie Lipman, BizBash’s Social Event Planner of the Year. She is the owner of Absolute, her own wedding and event planning company in South Florida.

What a treat to get to hear how Jamie got started in the business, her most memorable event and where she draws upon her inspiration for transforming every event from an “a-ha!” idea into a reality. You’ve got to hear her story about the blue woman she has in her office!

Jamie is truly living her dream and has some great advice for everyone who’s starting an event planning business or even thinking about starting an event planning business. I hope you enjoy the interview with Jamie as much as I enjoyed talking with her!

Biz Bash Reader’s Choice Award Winner, Jamie Lipman shares her event planning experience with Event Planning Blueprint TV, and why she was recognized as Social Event Planner of the Year 2013.

Jamie Lipman owns and operates Absolute Event Planning in South Florida.

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