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6 Tips to Getting Bridal Party Photos Done Fast: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

6 Tips to Getting Bridal Party Photos Done Fast: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy
18 Aug

I once had a bridal party with 19 groomsmen 19 groomsmen I am in New Jersey, New York

it is a thing to have a lot of friends you want to make sure people think you have a lot of friends You don't have any friends, it's Schmiegel! So big bridal party

you got to get these done fast, and here's the thing, your bridal party, they're your next clients, so you got to impress them Number one: Streamline If you haven't seen my thing about family photos look at the thing about family photos

Look at that video It's the same kind of thing

Get people in get people out Tip number 2: You move you don't make them move, get the bridal party in a line, photograph them all together, then you move, get the bridal party in a line

Everyone and get their individual headshot much faster than making everybody move in towards you! Brides stays still she's the hardest person to move, so everyone else just moves around the bride When you're posing a bridal party, here are the types of photographs that you want to make sure that you get Bridal party all together bridesmaids all together groomsmen all together bride with each bridesmaid All the bridesmaids separately Groom with each groomsman

all the groomsmen separately bride and groom, maid of honor, best man Second shooter your second shooter is key! Here she has to be/he has to be, getting close-ups of all the bridal party members, while you're doing the big breee

while you're doing the big bridal party shot Second shooter has a job make sure she's not slacking off Little vignettes, I call the little close-ups, of two of the bridal party members, and three of the bridal party members laughing together

Get them in a line by making them stand next to the person that they walk down the aisle with The bride usually has already paired them by height anyway, get them together that way, then put them in Once you have that formal picture of everyone in a line move around, some people turn this way, some people turn that way, some guys put their hands here, some guys cross their legs, some girls hold the flowers here some girls hold the flowers heresome girls hold the flowers here

break it up, make everybody do something different! One way to get bridal parties done fast, learn their names! I know it's hard, I know can be annoying, when there's 19 groomsmen I didn't learn 19 groomsman's names! Learn their names, it's much easier to direct when you're not just going

you-you-you no no no, not you! no you! No you, you, address them by name plus you know what it's polite! It's a nice thing to do, it does help you get stuff done fast

Want more information about how to be a great second shooter, or tell your second shooters what they need to do Download this free wedding photography second shooters guide in the link below Make sure that you're subscribed here to Adorama TV but really to my TV show Breathe Your Passion this is where you're going to get a ton of information that will help you succeed Oh and follow me on Instagram Link is below

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