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4 Tips to Choosing Your Non-Wedding Ring Jewellery

4 Tips to Choosing Your Non-Wedding Ring Jewellery
18 Aug

4 Tips to Choosing Your Non-Wedding Ring Jewellery A bride has to prepare a myriad of things for her wedding and choosing the right jewellery can easily be glossed over With so much time spent on selecting the ring, more than a few brides neglect the selection of other jewellery not until the last minute

So, for brides wanting to be prepared for the big day, here are tips to choosing the right jewellery 1 Match Them With Your Dress Always select your dress before the bridal jewellery This will save you the heartache of having the perfect wedding dress but not the necklace or earrings to go with it 2 Let Your Wedding Ring Take Centre Stage All eyes will understandably be on your dress, but the perfect wedding ring will take centre stage during the ceremony Whether you've chosen a simple solitaire diamond ring rather than a striking one, it's important to have jewellery that won't upstage it

3 Thinking About Skin Tone Find which metal and gemstone best match your skin tone Gold, silver, platinum and rose gold each bring a particular look to every skin tone 3 Something Borrowed The 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' tradition still lives among modern-day brides So, don't be shy to mix old with new because this might be the best match of all!

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